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              全國咨詢熱線 0766-8888881








              Topteck is one of the major sponsors and also the chairman enterprise of Stondo (Yunfu) Stone Industry Group, the vice chairman unit of Guangdong Stone Industry Association, the executive vice chairman unit of Yunfu Stone Industry Association, and has been awarded as "High tech Enterprise”, "Guangdong Excellent Enterprise in the Building Materials Industry”, "Guangdong Demonstration Enterprise of Quality and Credibility”, and "China's Most Valuable Hotel Supplier”. Natural marble products produced and refined by Topteck have been awarded “high-tech product of Guangdong Province”. Topteck has passed ISO45001, ISO9001, and ISO14001 certifications. In November 2020, Topteck has been selected into the brand library of natural stone processing factories as the only A-level firm, which is published by the Bureau of Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality. 


              Since its establishment, Topteck has strictly implemented the national and industrial standards for stone materials and strived to practice the industrial norms, becoming an excellent enterprise and a successful model in the stone industry. The company actively participates in industry business associations and social public welfare activities, and makes positive contributions to the healthy development of the industry in terms of stone mineral resources development, stone production and processing, project undertaking, project implementation, etc.


              At present, Topteck has developed into a model of innovation and upgrading in the stone industry, enjoying a good reputation in the industry, and attracting continuous attention and field visits from party and government departments, industry business associations, stone enterprises, decoration design units and stone demanders in various stone producing regions.



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