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              Add value,Lighten the burden,Enhance the effectiveness

              Topteck Stone Group is not only an regular stone supplier, but also a professional stone material solution provider.

              Add value: Resource optimization to add value for material selection: provide the most appropriate varieties, select the best materials, use the best precision and intelligence manufacture, and provide the best construction technology guidance.

              Lighten the burden: Topteck responsible for the whole process, it directly connect with the construction party, Party A and the designer at the same time. Help to lighten the burden of work by fully understand the design intent, remove the construction pain points, and save communication costs.

              Enhance the effectiveness: To increase the project's overall benefits, decrease the customer's time expense, ensure that the decorating effect is restored, and improve the efficiency of completion.

              To interpret the Beauty of Stone to the Utmost

              5A precision quality

              1. All plates are of sufficient thickness, and never cut corners.

              2. All stones shall be grinded forward and backward and treated with waterproof adhesive, all the stone are waterproof, antifouling, anti back seepage, shovel free net, anti air drum, shatterproof and easy to paste, in the aim of eliminating worries of customer in the future.

              3. The surface glossiness of the same variety board is higher than the national standard by more than 5°.

              4. The flatness, dimension accuracy and interface smoothness of the board are higher than those of national top grade products.

              5. Stone grain, colour and art level layout.

              “Six Zero” error pursuit

              1. Zero deviation of splicing and interface dimensions.

              2. Zero color difference in glue for bonding, hole patching. and seam patching.

              3. Zero difference of secondary processing luminosity.

              4. Zero dead angle of waterproof treatment.

              5. Zero complaints about composing and pattern proofread.

              6. Zero damage in packaging and transportation.

              Science and Technology lead the New Stone Generation

              Topteck keeps pace with the times and vigorously promotes the innovation and upgrading of the stone industry. Drive the transformation, upgrading and development of enterprises through scientific and technological innovation, and lead the healthy development of industry brands.

              Innovation & High Quality & High Productivity

              In order to meet the demands of large-scale and even gigantic projects, and conserve our mother nature with cutting-edge technological innovation, Topteck has introduced several advanced production equipment, including the Italian intelligent bridge cutting machine, advanced intelligent scanner, automatic big board photo equipment, and advanced sewage treatment system.

              Online Shopping Mall

              Topteck has developed an online platform (applet and apps) to display product details on the phone with pictures. In the workshop, every stone variety will be automatically scanned, taken photos of, measured, numbered, and matted, together generating the code list. When customers are not on-site, they can select materials on their mobile phones on-the-go.

              QR code label Application

              Topteck has always been exploring applying new technology to its products, like innovationally integrating QR code technology into stone marketing. Currently, Topteck stone products are labeled with a QR code, which can be scanned to know the details such as the size of sample, standard/large plate, plate effect, project cases, text introduction, and other contents. This application is the first one in the industry and has a positive effect on customers’ material selection.

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